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Re: [IP] Sleeping with pump - Reply

I am a stomach sleeper and I have solved the pumpproblem by switching to pajamas
and clipping it to the waistband in the back. It's not in the way when I roll to
the side either.   Sally

Corky Courtright wrote:

> At 09:48 AM 9/30/1998 EDT, you wrote:
> >Hello fellow pumpers.
> >Just had a quick question and need some answers.  I have a minimed 507 and I
> >use the 42 inch QR infusion set.  Heres the problem...I'm one of those people
> >who tosses and turns ALL night long.  I've had my pump since April and still
> >have had a problem getting comfortable at night trying to sleep.  I tried
> >putting it under my pillow and woke up with it around my neck.  I've tried
> >wearing t-shirts with pockets, too uncomfortable to sleep on stomach.  Just
> >wondering if anyone has any good and helpful ideas or me.
> Chris,
> I too sleep on my stomach and toss and turn alot.  I also have nothing to
> clip my pump to when I sleep.  I where the pump is a Sock-it-away on the
> inside back of my thigh.  With the pump in that spot I can sleep in any
> position without feeling the pump.  The Sock-it-away used to be available
> from MiniMed but I beleive thay have replaced it with the Thigh Thing which
> I have not yet tried but it should work about the same.  If you want to try
> having the pump on your thigh before you buy a special device, try using an
> Ace bandage.  The pump will sometimes slip out of the Ace but it will give
> a "feel".
> Tnx, Corky
>  "I never said I could spell"
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/