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Re: How low can you go? was: Re: [IP] iv drips


>I guess YMMV applies here.  But you can deplete your liver's supply of
>glycogen and be in trouble if you go low again.  
There's an interesting reference in "Stop the Rollercoaster" to research
which documented a tendency for hypos to "repeat" within the next 24 hours
to as long as 72 hours following the first hypo. It was further stated that
the subsequent hypos are a bit more difficult to recognize. I have to think
/ guess that this may impact on the liver's ability to replenish it's
supply of glycogen during this time, as well

I try to remember this when I'm testing and adjusting basals and ratios.
Going too low can affect my test results on days subsequent to the hypo,
and I can end up chasing myself in circles, if I try to make adjustments at
that time.

Bob Burnett

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