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[IP] Sara -- How low can you go

I, like Bob, have passed out a number of times -- several of which I have
been brought back via glycogen (or angels depending upon current perspective
:)).  I know though that I can be totally ambulatory and quite lucid at a bg
as low as 12 after a workout but it doesn't last if left untreated.
Admittedly, I am too accustomed to lows, and frequently carry on a coherent
conversation while in the high 20's -- especially if it's with one of my
docs.  Two things seem to have a great effect on my capabilities of dealing
with the extreme lows:  1.) Concentration level and 2.) Whether I have been
extremely active -- large amounts of walking are much more likely to cause a
low that's difficult to deal with than is an intense, high kcal burning

However, I have made a few trips to ER (5) in the past 27.6 years.  My veins
roll terribly.  They find a way to make it work -- twice it meant calling an
anesthesiologist, but the IV was in.  For all of the difficulties that I've
occasionally had with some medical professionals, the vast majority started
and continue in their professions because they care about people.  While the
impossible can't be expected, the darn near is achieved daily.  Keep doing
what you already do (lots of bgs) and especially after a workout.

Take care,

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