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Re: [IP] Humalog versus Regular insulin profile

The other issue if you look at the Lilley curve is that it
does peak in 1-1.5 hours, however, if you look at the
integral sum, the mid-point is more like 2 hours.  By
integral sum, I mean if you subtract the background and
integrate under the entire curve, then determine at what
time 50% of that integral sum is left.  I believe that that
is a more meaningful measure.

<<<Date: Thu, 01 Oct 1998 12:05:54 -0700
From: Sam Skopp <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Humalog versus Regular insulin profile

At 06:41 AM 10/01/1998  Bernard Farrell wrote:
>I keep seeing posts about the profile of Humalog versus Regular

>insulin. I'm
>concerned at the number of posts that say Humalog peaks in 2 
>hours. If you
>want to see the profile of regular insulin, the Lilly page is:
>    http://www.lilly.com/diabetes/ref_manual/insulin_r.html
>the summary for Regular is:
>                                 Maximum
>Insulin     Onset(h)   Peak(h)   Duration(h)
>From email @ redacted Thu Oct 1 22:30:11 1998--------------
>Regular     0.5-1.0      2-3        4-6
>The profile for Humalog can be found at:
>    http://www.lilly.com/diabetes/ref_manual/humalog.html?yes
>and the summary for that is:
>                                 Maximum
>Insulin     Onset(h)   Peak(h)   Duration(h)
>From email @ redacted Thu Oct 1 22:30:11 1998--------------------
>Humalog«    <=0.25    0.5-1.5    <=5
>>From this it can be clearly seen that Humalog starts to act a 
>LOT faster,
>and peaks in about half the time of Regular. The outside range 
>for the peak
>is 90 minutes, I would assume the average is 60 minutes.

I'm sure that in order to protect themselves, Lilly is going
post quickest time ranges they can, even though for many of
Humalog actually works slower than this. By using a peak of
0.5-1.5 hrs. they won't have folks suing them because they
into a problem due to the fact that H dropped their BG much
quicker than expected. 

It would be interesting to have a poll of pumpers using H
see what our real life pumping experience is. From
that I read here (and my own personal experience) I think
1.5-2hrs is more typical for the peak. I would suspect that
peak in only 1/2 hour would be very rare... and would make
it in a pump very tricky.


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