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[IP] Re: highs after eating

Humalog is faster than regular, but after 2 hours about 1/2
of the bolused insulin has reached the bloodstream (60% has
reached bloodstream vs. 40% unused).  Barb,  how large are
the meal boluses that you're talking about?  If your meal
boluses are large, you could easily be double bolusing by
not realizing the activation of the insulin you have already
taken.  I have a chart showing the Lilley-measured insulin
activations for R and H.  I use these to keep my un-used
insulin in mind.  If anyone would like this spreadsheet
email me privately.
email @ redacted

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No, this IS humalog - this is why I am confused..  And - on
top of it I am
suppose to have Gastropareis.


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> Right before I eat I count my carbs and do the appropriate amount of
> bolus to cover my meal.  I then proceed to eat.  After 1 1/2 to 2
> hours I will check my bs - sometimes it is as high as 270.
> Sometimes I will freak and do more bolus but then several hours
> later I go low.  Is this normal?
Sounds like you are using a 'regular' insulin, not humalog.
If this
is the case, you probably need to bolus 30min to 1 hour
prior to
eating. Post prandial highs are normal for the situation you
described. Gotta bolus earlier or use Humalog.

email @ redacted

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