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Re: [IP] Sleeping with pump

I am one of those who does toss a bit at night.  Also one
who doesn't deal much with evening-wear.  It is not uncommon
for me to wake up and be tied to my pump.  Never had a
problem with it pulling on a site.  Onle issue is how
quickly my brain wakes up to decide how to un-wind!


I use long infusion sets, also - 110 cm. (43 inches).

For the first year on the pump, I kept my pump under my
pillow. When I toss
and turn, though, it is generally not in a "full circle", so
the tubing did
not really wrap around me, but it often got in my way.

I've given up on the pillow thing. I just lay my pump beside
me, seems to
work just fine. There are no issues for me with bed clothing
like T-shirts,
pajamas, etc. since - ahem, there are none ;-) Sometimes
it's a little
tricky to find my pump when I wake - "now if I follow this
end of the
tubing, eventually I'll find the pump on the other end.
Woah! - how did it
end up there?" <vbg>

I occasionally wake up sleeping directly on the pump, with
the tubing
"stuck" to me. In real hot weather, I've wondered if this
keeps the insulin
a bit too warm (I use Velosulin), but I haven't taken the
time to figure
this out. I suspect it's not the best environment for my
insulin, but it's
usually easy to deal with.

It took me awhile to get real comfortable with my pump
during sleep.
Chris wrote:

>Just had a quick question and need some answers.  I have a minimed 507 and I
>use the 42 inch QR infusion set.  Heres the problem...I'm one of those people
>who tosses and turns ALL night long.  I've had my pump since April and still
>have had a problem getting comfortable at night trying to sleep.  I tried
>putting it under my pillow and woke up with it around my neck.  I've tried
>wearing t-shirts with pockets, too uncomfortable to sleep on stomach.  Just

Bob Burnett

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