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Re: [IP] Gastroparesis

Pumpers & Friends,
    Gastroparesis has been detected in anywhere from 25% to 50% of people
with DM. In a lot of DM it is so called clinically silent, but if you have
the severe gastroparesis it is the most debilitating of all the GI problems
of diabetes can get. With it you can have problems with BS , be nausea all
the time, vomiting , bloating, early satiety( feeling full), pain , and in
some anorexia. It has been my problem for over 18yrs. , If I did not have a
pump I'd be die but with the pump I can  do something about BS and not have
the long acting insulin  working and trying to eat to cover it. If I can I
would like to write a FAQ about it for the site but I will need some help
with the bacis format.
    Yes, one more thing in about 8 weeks I will be getting a gastric
pacemaker put in to see if we can get the gut to work again
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Date: Thursday, October 01, 1998 8:04 PM
Subject: [IP] Gastroparesis

>Maybe after 23 years I should know this but until getting on this list I
>heard of gastroparesis.  What is it and what is the conection to IDDM?

Rodney Mead
OMAHA, NE 68105
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