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Re: [IP] WKMG News Report: A CURE?

> I was watching the 11:00PM news on Orlando's CBS station, WKMG. and they
> announced a story on a major development of interest to diabetics.
> According to the report, there is research being done on an unnamed pill
> that may be able to PERMAMENTLY reverse the effects of diabetes in ONE
> dose. The report stated that the results of the research will not be
> known for a few years. Has anyone else on this list heard about this? I
> have sent e-mail to WKMG requesting more information, as they did not
> provide any mention of who was doing the research, or the medication
> being studied.


I did not see the show you mentioned, but I think it's based on the
report by Chiroscience claiming to have discovered the gene that causes
autoimmune problems.  Supposedly, a pill is being developed to "turn
off" the autoimmune response.  I've enclosed a copy of the announcement
by Chiroscience.


Chiroscience Announces Discovery of Gene That Activates Human Autoimmune

Provides Novel Target for Drug Discovery

 SEATTLE and CAMBRIDGE, England, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Chiroscience
plc (London: CRO) announced today the discovery of a gene that is
for the control of an immune response.  The gene has been discovered in
mice and humans, and the gene product regulates the activity of CD4
T-cells, a
cell-type central to many immune responses.  The company has filed
patents for
the gene, which provides a novel, proprietary target for drug discovery
in a
number of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, as well as cancer.  The
announcement was made today in London during the company's Research and
Development Update.

"We have validated that this gene is a virtual 'off/on switch' for the
system," said Robert Jackson, Ph.D., Chiroscience Director of Research,
depending on the disease, there are times when we need to turn the
system off,
and times when we need to turn it on.  We now have a new pathway to use
in the
discovery and development of drugs for unmet medical need."

Diseases in which the immune system must be turned down include
arthritis, diabetes, psoriasis, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and
allergy.  Diseases in which the immune system should be increased
cancer and AIDS.

Chiroscience researchers in Seattle studied a unique strain of mice to
the gene that causes a lethal, progressive autoimmune disease in that
population.  A defect in this gene results in such a severe effect that
would be difficult to identify in man without the prior identification
mice.  Company researchers cloned the gene this year and went on to
the corresponding human gene.  Chiroscience researchers are now studying
human gene's mechanism of action to determine methods to activate or
immune responses.

Chiroscience Group plc  

Chiroscience Group plc is an emerging pharmaceutical company which uses
diverse technology platform to discover and develop novel medicines for
improved healthcare.  It has three businesses: Chiroscience R&D;
Rapigene; and

Chiroscience R&D's focus is on innovative small molecule drugs and
diagnostics in the therapeutic areas of cancer, inflammation, pain,
osteoporosis and autoimmune diseases.  Its technology platform allows
conception and development of receptor-based and enzyme-inhibiting small
molecule drugs with high selectivity of action.  Rapigene is involved in
creation and provision of genomic technologies and services to partner
companies and to Chiroscience R&D's drug discovery programs.  ChiroTech
provides chiral technology services, catalysts and chiral products to
customers within the pharmaceutical and related industries, including
Chiroscience R&D.

Chiroscience Group plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is
based in
Cambridge and Stevenage, UK and Seattle, Washington, USA.

For further information contact:  

Dr. John Padfield, Chief Executive  

Dr. Robert Jackson, Director R&D  

Rebecca Iveson, Investor and Media Relations  

Giles Sanderson/Victoria Springett  

Financial Dynamics  

Tel: 44-171-831-3113  

Tel: 44-1223-420430  


 SOURCE  Chiroscience Group plc  

CO:  Chiroscience Group plc

ST:  Washington



09/29/98 07:04 EDT http://www.prnewswire.com

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/