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Re: How low can you go? was: Re: [IP] iv drips

Bob wrote:

> I've always understood that the liver dumps it's entire supply
> of glycogen - it doesn't carefully measure it out. When it's gone, what
> happens to replenish it?

I have a friend whose 3 year old has diabetes.  In the last week of July
the child had 4 hypos below 50 over a weekend.  She went to bed Sunday
night with a normal bg, but evidently had another hypo during the
night.  When her mom tried to wake her, she wouldn't "come around".  She
was awake, but not lucid.  Glucose tabs didn't bring her up.  Her mom
tried glucagon next and after half an hour, her bg still wouldn't
register on the meter, so she was below 20.  The child ended up spending
3 days in the hospital on a dextrose IV.  The doctor said that her liver
had completely depleted its supply of glycogen and there was absolutely
no way her body could recover from that last hypo.  They kept her for 3
days to give her liver plenty of time to replinish the glycogen and to
make sure she didn't have another hypo so soon.

I guess YMMV applies here.  But you can deplete your liver's supply of
glycogen and be in trouble if you go low again.  


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