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RE: [IP] WKMG News Report: A CURE?

I'm planning a trip to South Africa over christmas. I'm nervous about
exactly how difficult it is (if at all) to get pump supplies through customs
in less developed countries. Can anyone offer me some advice? Thanks

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> Subject:     [IP] WKMG News Report: A CURE? 
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> Dear Group:
> I was watching the 11:00PM news on Orlando's CBS station, WKMG. and they
> announced a story on a major development of interest to diabetics.
> According to the report, there is research being done on an unnamed pill
> that may be able to PERMAMENTLY reverse the effects of diabetes in ONE
> dose. The report stated that the results of the research will not be
> known for a few years. Has anyone else on this list heard about this? I
> have sent e-mail to WKMG requesting more information, as they did not
> provide any mention of who was doing the research, or the medication
> being studied.
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