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How low can you go? was: Re: [IP] iv drips


I've passed out a number of times in my 41+ years. Not fun for me, family,
or EMTs ;-(

One of my "worst" (though they all rate as "bad") resulted in me going to
the local ER about 10 years ago. I was told when I woke, that my BG
registered "nothing", as in "zilch, nada, we got none, a big zero, thank
you very much". I questioned them, and was told "we got no reading -
twice". I have a hard time believing this - this hospital is not known
locally for anything involving skills much beyond band aids, and I've never
heard of a reading like this. But, even so, I've always wondered. I always
kind of hoped that the strips for their meter were bad, and the number was
not this low. I had no way to verify this info at the time. (BTW, I've
never passed out hypo while pumping - a tremendous "win" for me ;-))

I know a pumper who's passed out from hypos a number of times, then woken
up some time later, unassisted. My assumption is that the liver is kicking
out glycogen at this point, and you'll regain consciousness. However, I
wouldn't want to count on it, nor would I be able to do anything to help
myself when coming to. Just cause I'm conscious doesn't mean I'm competent.
Just because I regain consciousness doesn't mean I'll stay like that,
unassisted. I've always understood that the liver dumps it's entire supply
of glycogen - it doesn't carefully measure it out. When it's gone, what
happens to replenish it?

I haven't heard anything truly definitive on this subject, and I've seen it
debated vigorously in other forums. I'd really welcome any specific
references to published information on this subject.

P.S. Sara, please let me know when those workouts get down to "free". I'll
sign up <vbg>

Bob Burnett

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