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[IP] iv drips

I have been reading this thread with interest and it makes me wonder....since
I have never had to call 911 and never even passed out from a low in more than
24 years, but I have had plebotmoists GIVE up on finding veins which have a
tendancy to suck and roll...what if I am passed out in the street, the EMT
can't get an IV in and are not "certified" or whatever to give me
glucagon...what happens?  Maybe they tuck some gel between my lip and gum, but
my question is:  How long do you have from the time you pass out until you
die?  What happens if your bloodsugar gets to 10?  What if your liver has
depleted its stores of glycagen?  How fast will I die or be drain bamaged?

(whose work outs are down to $35 each - ya hoo!!!)

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