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[IP] "Cure" announcement... more info

This came from another list-serve. I'm quoting the whole message


"Folks MUST have seen the national news tonite, reporting tht by
accident, a
gene that researchers were working on for lactose intolerance
seems to be able
to be fixed for insulin production.... they warn that it will be
a few years
off, but HEY !!!! It sounds promising to me !!!!!! It didnt say
if it would
help current DMers... didnt give much detail other than it ws an
find  !!!! I'll take it  !!! Thats how Ace Inhibitors were found
to help
Nephropathy !

Karen in VT     stilll cautious on "A CURE " but a little more
hopeful now...
email @ redacted"

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/