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[IP] Pill to reverse diabetes

I saw the report on WKMG. I would like to see more the subject myself.
Sounds a bit unbelievable.
Also I wanted to comment on the length of time for insulin. One of those
YMMV situations. I use velosulin and if I take it more than 15 minutes
before I eat and my BG is below 100 in another 15 minutes I experience a
low. Not a bad low. I eat pretty light foods, chicken, fish, pork, no
beef or fatty foods, mostly vegetables. I believe the kind of insulin an
when it is taken is very much  YMMV and you need to experiment with
values and times on your own. It is strickly getting to know your own
body. You can only go by what is recommended of average values and apply
them to your own body. 
Just my body experience.

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/