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Re: [IP] EMT's and Diabetic Care

> A second for judy's comment, Michael.  IV glucose is the only way to
> go in a true emergency (as long as you can find a vein).  It puts
> glucose immediately where it needs to be.  Oral glucose is very slow
> compared to IV, and glucacon is even slower compared to IV.  Of
> course you couldn't live forever on iv glucose, but I think you'd be
> surprised just how long you could stay alive--certainly several
> weeks and maybe months.  But here we're only talking about an acute
> emergency situation. -wm

IV glucose in concentrations adequate to treat a diabetic low is 
terribly irritating to the blood vessels and can only be given for a 
very short time. I will respond more completely to this 
thread when I have gathered some additional specific information.
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