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Re: [IP] Glucometer

Great comments, but, I think the KEY thing to remember is that in everything, we
are ALL different and respond in our own individual ways to insulin, foods, etc.
In pump therapy, the old adage, "Know thyself" is so very true.  Thanks, Fran

Randall Winchester wrote:

> On 30 Sep 98 at 14:47, Alan Reed wrote:
> > As an insulin injector of more than 40 years i have difficulty in the idea
> > that Humalog takes 1 to 2 hours to be effective. My understanding is that
> > its peak activity is within a maximum of 30 mins and that when checking or
> > setting up afternoon basal levels 'Changing To Humalog?'
> > <http://www.diabetesnet.com/hmlgpmp.html> '...simply skip lunch and skip the
> > bolus of Humalog ordinarily taken to cover it. I find with Humalog
> > injections that there is basically no real residual action after two hours.
> > Am I missing the point?
> Humalog has a variable activity in your body - just like all the other
> insulins.  Some people show signs such as a drop in bg within 15 minutes of
> injecting Humalog while some of us require a half hour or more to begin to show
> measurable signs...   Many of us have wildy variable absorption for the
> NPH/Lente/Ultralente insulins, with differing onset, peak and duration times -
> sometimes varying from day to day.  For me, there is a residual action for
> Humalog that can last almost as long as it did for Regular...  The curves look
> good in the packages but as with so much in medical practice, YMWV.  (Your
> milage will vary)
> Randall P. Winchester
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