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Re: [IP] Humalog action

>From: James Watson <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Humalog action
>Although everyone is different, the average activation for
>the 60 patients Lilley's work had a slower activation.  If
>you look in the insert from the Humalog package, it has an
>activation of approximately 4 hours.  In 2 hours less than
>50% of the initial injection has reached the bloodstream.


Are you sure you're talking about Humalog? I couldn't find any part of that
insert that refers to a study with 60 patients.

Below, I typed in what I believe is the appropriate part of the Humalog
patient insert regarding absorption of the insulin. Any typos are mine. This
insert can be read from Lilly site:

Everything I've read, and my own experience including devastatingly fast
lows, implies that Humalog is much, much faster for most people. For people
who are used to Regular, Humalog needs to be treated completely differently.

The appropriate part from the insert is:


Absorption and Bioavailability -- Humalog is as bioavailable as human
regular insuling, with absolute bioavailability ranging betweeen 55%-77%
doses between 0.1-0.2 U/kg. inclusive. Studies with normal volunteers and
patients with type I (insulin-dependent) diabetes demonstrated that
Humalog is absorbed faster than human regular insulin (U100) (Figure 2). In
normal volunteers given subcutaneous doses of Humalog ranging from 0.1-
0.4 U/kg, peak serum levels were seen 30-90 minutes after dosing. When
normal volunteers received equivalent doses of human regular insulin, peak
insulin doses occurred between 50-120 minutes after dosing. Similar results
were seen in patients with type I diabetes. The pharmacokinetic profiles of
Humalog and human regular insulin are comparable to one another when
administered to normal volunteers by the intravenous route. Humalog was
absorbed at a consistently faster rate than human regular insulin in healthy
male volunteers given 0.2 U/kg human regular insulin or Humalog at
abdominal, deltoid, or femoral sites, the three sites often used by patients
with diabetes. After abdominal administration of Humalog, serum drug
levels are higher and the duration of action is slightly shorter than after
deltoid or thigh administration (see DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION
section). Humalog has less intra- and inter-patient variability compared to
human regular insulin.


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