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No Subject

It is very, very important to determine these values for yourself.

I attended the FDA approval hearing for Humalog in Washington several years
ago. At that stage there were several concerns raised about the use of
Humalog by some people because it is much more likely to cause reactions due
to its speed.

Specifically, the advisory panel did not want people who suffered from
Gastroparesis to be allowed to use this insulin. Gastroparesis apparently
slows down the absorption of food by the stomach. That meeting was the first
time I had heard of this condition. It appears to be yet another possible
diabetes complication.

I can't speak to the Humalog tail. I do know, again from the FDA meeting,
that the fact that the tail is significantly less than that for Regular
meant that some folks who replaced Regular with Humalog would find that they
might need to increase their dosage of long-term insulin as the effects of
long-term insulin were being aided by the long tail on Regular. Following
that meeting, I came away with a feeling that calling Regular a fast-acting
insulin was a bit of a misnomer.

Again, I would simply emphasize that for most people Humalog will act
quicker and be gone in less time than Regular. Everyone really needs to work
out the peak and duration for themselves.


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