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     I am so frustrated with the foods I should and should not eat.  I have 
     a carb. ref. book but I don't take the time to look up my foods.  I 
     just count 1 bread = 15gm = 1 carb.  I know what pasta is 1/2 cup = 1 
     carb, so I bolus 2 units -1 carb.  Then my educator says" Oh you may 
     be going high because pasta is a fast carb".  Well what am I suppose 
     to eat?   
     Please, someone give me a sample menu for the day.  How much time do 
     you spend counting calories and carbs and fats?  How do you bolus when 
     you CAN'T control yourself?  Or does this not happen to everyone?
     I'm in my third week as a pumper and I am still having highs.  Is this 
     I have already learned a lot from this group.  I had trouble with my 
     soft-sert coming out. After reading about it, I tape about 2-3 inches 
     from insertion, I am able to go the whole 2 to 3 days.
     Thanks for all your help
     Samee Berg (email @ redacted)