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Re: [IP] vitamins, antioxidants & ace inhibitors

hey bill,

thanks for the info.  i ordered a three month supply today.  i spoke to the
salesman who told me that the pro health pak is chromium, mag chloride,
willowbark (equiv to 1/2 baby aspirin), vit e and a multi vit.  have you
compared the cost of the pak to the cost of buying each of these items
separately?  also, the rep told me that it is lacking vit c just 60mg vs.
500mg that seems to be recommended in many articles i've read.  thanks for
your recommendation.  i'll let you know how i do with the pak.

also i'll be running in the california international marathon this sunday
(12/7).  i don't test as frequently as you do.  on the 20 miler i just did 6
times.  i keep my bg's at 180 -220.  are you more tightly controlled.  i am
not yet on the pump so i've been decreasing my am injection.  do you use gu
or power gel on your runs?  and last but not least any advice for foot care.
i have a bruise under one toe nail.  i checked with the doc and had it ok'd.
has that ever happened to you?

look forward to hearing from you

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Date: Monday, December 01, 1997 10:36 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] vitamins, antioxidants & ace inhibitors

>I'm using this product and I find it has been working great. I have lowered
>my basil rates and I feel better with less BG fluxuation. I would really be
>interested in seeing more dramatic results in someone who is insulin
>sensitive compromised, as I don't have a problem with it. It also has a
>multivitamin and anti-oxidant.
>                                                  DIABETES
>                                                      DPH
>                                                PRO HEALTH
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>                                           PRO HEALTH PAK
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>    Nutritional supplement specifically Formulated for adults with diabetes
>    and pre-diabetes
>     For type I and II
>     Improves insulin action
>     Lowers blood glucose
>     Reduces HbA1c levels
>     Lowers cholesterol
>     Ruduces risk of heart disease
>     Prolongs Health
>    While great strides have been made in reducing the short-term
>    of diabetes, little has been done preventing, or even minimizing its
>    long-term complications, e.g. eye, kidney, nerve damage, and premature
>    cardiovascular disease. Much of this failure is secondary to the
>    of effective blood glucose control, which has now been linked to all
>    complications of diabetes. Furthermore, type II diabetes is complicated
>by the             coexisting risk factors of high blood pressure, obesity,
>and abnormal lipid(cholesterol)     levels, which also contribute to the
>devestation of diabetes. But there is more to this
>    inability to prevent the complications of diabetes.
>    Dr Stuart A Fine, a clinical and research endocrinologost/diabetologist
>    22 years and a leader in diabetes care, frustrated by this failure to
>impact the             long-term complications of diabetes, has discovered
>what he has termed the "dead         zone" of diabetes. That is, even when
>you allow for the coexistance of other risk             factors such as
>blood pressure and abnormal lipids, there is still an exessive
>    risk of cardiac mortality associated with diabetes! Dr Fine believes
>    is secondary to both insulin resistance, a recently unveiled and
>cardiac risk       factor known to precede the onset of diabetes by a
>and elevated blood             glucose, which goes undiagnosed for many
>in type II diabetes and inadequetely     treated in the majority of
>with both type I and II diabetes.
>    Dr Fine is convinced that to have any success in reducing the long-term
>    raveges of diabetes, it is mandatory to "attack" the "dead zone" of
>    i.e. early intervention to both reduce insulin resistance and normalize
>    glucose.
>    Indeed, recognizing the importance of insulin resistance in the
>    type II diabetes and development of its complications, the
>    industry has recently developed a new class of drugs known as insulin
>    enhancers, or sensitizers, which specifically reduce insulin
>    Unfortunately, access to these medications is often delayed and cost
>    also preclude their use in many with diabetes.
>    After years of research and an exhaustive analysis of animal and human
>    studies, Dr Fine has developed a nutritional suppliment, Pro Health
>    Pak,specifically formulatedfor adults with diabetes and pre-diabetes to
>    reduce insulin resistance, lower blood glucose, and reduce their risk
>    heart desease. In 1977, it was found that a deficiency of certain
>    could significantly worsen glucose control in diabetes, and replacement
>    these minerals resulted in dramatic improvement of the entire diabetic
>condition. A     steady stream of well-designed human trials using trace
>minerals, antioxidants, and
>    acetyl salicylic acid in diabetic patients have shown significant and
>    times, dramatic improvementin glucose control, insulin resistance,
>    abnormalities, blood pressure, and heart disease. Pro Health Pak
>    precise dosage and preparations of those substances demonstrated
>    in human studies to favorably impact the diabetic patient. Much of the
>    extensive research that forms the foundation for Pro Health Pak is
>    yet published(but already at scientific meetings) or just recently
>    in peer-reviewed journals. This unique formulation consists of five key
>    compounds, carefully developed as to both dosage and composition, to
>    optimum benifit for those with diabetes and pre-diabetes.
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>                                                   1-800-310-8811
>                                                    ORDER #1715
>                                                       DIABETES
>                                                            DPH
>                                                      PRO HEALTH
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>                                                  PRO HEALTH PAK
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