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Re: [IP] WHAT DO I EAT?????


Take the time to learn to count carbs.  It is a lot of work at first, but it
does get easier.  Get a scale that weighs in grams and then weigh the
different kinds of bread that you usually eat.  Bread carbs usually equal 50%
of the gram weight.  So if I eat a total of 60 grams of bread, I count that
as 30 carbs.  Since I need 1 unit for every l5 carbs, I bolus 2 for the
bread.  You will be surprised at how heavy bagels are.  I had a lot of
trouble estimating those which I was eating away from home, and finally
brought one home and weighed it.  I was under estimating my carbs by 2 units
worth of insulin.  No wonder I always had an "unexplained high"  after eating

For me pasta is usually a slow carb, problably because of the cheese I toss
it with.  Cheese and fats usually slow my carb absorption.  

I think that one needs to stick to the same breakfast for several days,
counting carbs, making note of your before bolus test and your 2 hours after
the meal test to check to see if you were right.  Assuming that your basal
rate is correct for you, you will return to a normal blood sugar.  Pumping
Insulin gives guidelines for checking your carb ratio. 

I have been pumping with the Disetronic for two years next month and use my
gram scale at every meal at home.  I would love to find a small one to take
to restaurants.  

Good luck, it does get easier with practice.
Mary Tobin, McLean, VA