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>      I am so frustrated with the foods I should and should not eat.  I have 

First, don't get frustrated. Carb counting is hard at first but 
becomes automatic after a few months.  My daughter doesn't look 
anything up anymore, she knows all the multipliers for most foods and 
can estimate unknown stuff within a few percent.  She's 14 and has 
been pumping since she was 11.

Second BUY PUMPING INSULIN from Torrey pines press

619 497 0900  ------------ It is 'The Bible'

There is a very handy multiplier chart in the back for most foods.
You can xerox it onto a single piece of paper (75% reduced both 
sides) and stick it in with your meter.

Get a kitchen scale with a moveable zero dial (so you can back out 
the weight of a plate). I don't reccommend the digital scales because 
they are inaccurate when they are zeroed with a plate on them (unless 
you buy one that is several hundred dollars). You'll probably have to 
find a resturant supply house to get one.  That is where we got ours.
I is kinda big (6-7" high) and has a large round face with a moveable 
background scale with a knob in the middle.  Works great!  Lily takes 
it with her when she travels (soccer you know) and to camp in the 

>      a carb. ref. book but I don't take the time to look up my
>      foods.  I just count 1 bread = 15gm = 1 carb.  I know what
Weigh the bread. Multiply by 0.5

All slices of bread are different. -- Look on the package, it will 
tell you that a serving is xx grams and contains so many grams of 
carbo.  Many bread servings are 2 slices for 11 grams others are 1 
slice for 14 to 16 grams and so on.  The best advice I can give is to 
NOT TAKE ANYTHING for granted.  Weigh or measure everything until you 
are comfortable with estimating accurately yourself.  Your control 
will be much better this way.

>      pasta is 1/2 cup = 1 >      carb, so I bolus 2 units -1 carb.  Then my educator says" Oh you may 
Not really.  Most pasta cooks up to seven cups for each pound of dry 
weight pasta.  My recollection is that a half cup is around 25 to 27 
grams.  READ the package. It will say (for a 1 lb package) xx grams 
per serving , 8 servings.  Simple xx time 8 divided by the number of 
cooked cups times the portion of a cup that you eat.  It works -- 

Pasta with cheese i.e. macaroni and cheese or pizza both have a 
loooonnnggggggg...!!!   digestion time.  Over 5 hours.  You must 
spread your bolus out more.  Typical square bolus for most meals is 
3 1/2 to 4 hours (I assume you are using Humalog).  You might want an 
extra 1/2 hour or more for cheesy things.

>      be going high because pasta is a fast carb".  Well what am I suppose 
- --------------------------------------------^^^^^^^  fooey
biscutts and crackers are fast carbs.

Cake with frosting is slow because of the comples sugars and all the 
fat in the frosting.

>      to eat?   
>      Please, someone give me a sample menu for the day.  How much time do 
>      you spend counting calories and carbs and fats?  How do you bolus when 
Very little, send Lily and e-mail  email @ redacted

>      you CAN'T control yourself?  Or does this not happen to everyone?
>      I'm in my third week as a pumper and I am still having highs.  Is this 
You probably need to profile your basal rate requirements.

See 'Pumping Insulin'

>      normal? 
>      I have already learned a lot from this group.  I had trouble with my 
>      soft-sert coming out. After reading about it, I tape about 2-3 inches 

Make a 'one' turn stress loop and tape it to your tummy.

>      from insertion, I am able to go the whole 2 to 3 days.

Michael <email @ redacted>