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Re: [IP] transitioning to a pump

You a going to love the pump.  I was a bit overwhelmed when my pump arrive
and I was down in the dumps for awhile tninking about beilng attached to this
thing for the rest of my life.  However, I would have to be dragged kicking
and screaming to injections again!

As for dropping the pump, do be careful.  I dropped mine in the bathroom sink
and it stopped instantly never to go again!  I like having a tubing that is
short enough that if I do drop it it can't reach the floor.  And I am 5"2".
 But as it swings around it can bang into things and that has never disrupted
its innerds.  It was a real relief that I had that 2nd Disetronic back-up
pump to change to that Sunday night at 10:45 pm!  The damaged one was sent to
Disetronic for free repair, but I never missed a drop of insulin!

Good Luck.  Stay in close contact with your Doc.  He should guide you through
the initiation process.