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Re: [IP] C-peptite

Recently a test in Sweden  was done replacing the c-peptide that is
normally taken  out of insulin during manufacturing because it was
thought to be of no value, and putting it back in and also giving larger
doses of it to diabetic rats.  It cleared them of any heart blockages
they had.  It also cured them of many other diabetic complications. This
was written about in our local newspaper; "the Virginian-Pilot/Ledger
Star", in Norfolk Va. on Friday, July 25, 1997 in section A.  C-peptide
is a by-product of insulin.  Dr. Mayer Davidson, president of ADA said in
the article that it is promising.

Scientist for years have been looking for a use for c-peptide, but it
appeared to ber biologically inactive.  Eli Lilly saw reports that
Swedish patients had benefitted from taking c-peptide with their insulin
and asked Washingtopn University to check it out.  It prevented leaky
arteris and blocked nerve damage but had no effect on healthy rats-nor
did it affect blood sugar levels.  They did more testing and it really
seems to work.  There is more to the article but I can't type it all. 
Maybe you can get it on the internet.  The articles for that newpaper
sometimes appears on www.pilotonline.come - or atleast I think that is
the address.  You also might try calling them.  The area code is 757. 
You can dial 757-555-1212 and get them through information.

You are right though.  C-peptides are in a persons blood stream  if a
person is not diabetic.  Also if it is found in a person, that means they
are producing some insulin.

I am very surprised that more of this is not mentioned in the diabetic
newslertters of magazines.  It really amazes me.  I am very excited
abiout this.  I hope they work on it fast!

email @ redacted
On Fri, 24 Oct 1997 18:15:55 -0400 (EDT) email @ redacted writes:
>I am a little confused here. C-Peptite is for my nolige a test to find 
>how much insuling your pancreas still makes on its own. How can that 
>heart problems??
>I might be wrong here. But That is what I know of that test.
>Any answer would be appresiated.