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Re: [IP] C-peptite

Sandy, it is my understanding that the C-peptide is a by product of insulin
production by the pancreas.  If for each molecule of insulin produced a
molecule of C-peptide were produced then, a likely case, then by measureing
the C-peptide one is effectively measuring the amount of insulin.  Insulin is
usually excreated every 10 to 12 minutes in the nondiabetic and is rapidly
used making it difficult to accurately measure the amount of insulin
production, however the C-peptide is not absorbed/excreted so rapidly.  Until
recently it was thought that the C-peptide was simply a waste product of
insulin production that had no usuful function.  Recent experimentation
strongly suggests that is not the case.  That is my very limited
understanding of the C-peptide concept and may be incorrect, I would ask a
CDE and MD about that.
It is a good thing that scients do not accept the thoughts of previous
generations but take the available knoweledge a step futher.  That will save
a lot of type 1 and insulin dependant type 2 people a lot of grief. 

Best wishes,