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Hi all you insulin-pumpers.  I would appreciate some help from time 
to time generating content for the website.  Fairly often there are 
questions which are of general interest to a whole class of our 
subscribers that could be put on the website so that non-subscribers 
and new subscribers would have the information.  

Case in point! -- the recent discussion of 
'What do I do with my NEW PUMP'
and a month or so ago.  'HOW HUMALOG works in the pump'

Would one or more of you like to undertake the job of turning the 
questions and the answers for these subjects into 
a FAQ, or HOWTO or just an article of interest that can be published 
on the INSULIN-PUMPERS website.

PLEASE PLEASE (beg beg, plead plead) are there some volunteers???

Your overworked webmaster,

Michael <email @ redacted>