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Re: [IP] transitioning to a pump

>My mom ordered me a sportguard and I'm looking forward to being
> able to swim without "disconnecting" my cyborg pieces. 

Hi Sam, I'm Michael, Lily's DAD.  Don't swim with the sportguard, it 
is not reliable waterproofing.  It works 'most of the time', guess 
how we found out.  Lily's pump had to go back to MiniMed twice after 
being 'drowned' before she stopped swimming with it.

For competitive swimming you will probably have to eat about 10 grams 
of carbo an hour to keep from getting low in an 80 degree pool. For 
just recreational swimming you may still need insulin.  Test every 30 
min to an hour the 1st day or two to find out.  If you wish to swim 
or raft or river run for a long period of time, you can shoot 'R' 
into the QR port.  You must calculate the residule 'H' in the short 
piece of line and flush the 'R' in after shooting (the line is about 
2.5 units long). Call me or e-mail me if you are interested and I'll 
explain in detail.

Michael  650 494 3351 days

Michael <email @ redacted>