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Re: [IP] transitioning to a pump

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi Ernie,
> I know just how you feel. I am having my MM507 "installed" on Nov. 11th at
> 8:30 am. I was told by my CDE not to take my N in the AM on that
> day......just the R. Od course having it "installed" in the AM, makes this
> possible. You don't want any residual N floating around in your body with the
> pump.
> I am not going to be admitted to the hosp. I just go into the doc's office. I
> was advised to check my Bg's every 2 hours at first. (I don't know how long I
> will have to do this.)
> I, too, was watching the video. It was mighty confusing to me. That is,
> getting the right screen up. I found that the correct screen disappeared
> before I could follow the directions on the video. It was most frusting. One
> of these days I'm sure it will be so easy and I'll wonder why I had gotten so
> frustated.
> Good luck on the 30th.
> Sissy
Don't get discouraged.  The pump is wonderful.  When you actually start
using it the screens will seem easier.  Right now you are experimenting
with it and the video goes over so much that it is overwhelming at
first.  Actually, the CDE or trainer will help program the pump and get
it up and running and then you don't have to deal with all those screens
everyday.  One thing I do to help is keep a written list of my profiles
and the times, then when something is changed I go to the list and make
the chage there before I change the pump.  This gives me a good record
of past changes and dates and also gives me a list if I would make a
mistake and mess up the other profiles in the pump.  I always have the
list to go back to if I need to reprogram any of them.  By the way, I
have'nt had to, the list is more for security for me.  I was a little
afraid at first that I would make a mistake or really mess up the pump. 
MM is very helpful as well as my CDE and DR.  You relly can't hurt the
pump.  It will become like a part of your body.  I have gotten used to
the little clicks and miss it if I have it off for a while.  Good luck
with your pump Nov. 11 will be a day you'll never forget.  The pump
really changes your life and gives you back some freedom.  You feel
like  you cantrol the diabetes not it controling you.  You have the
freedom to sleep til noon on Sat., to skip lunch if your not hungry, to
eat that  cake you've been craving.  Yes, the bg monitoring is stricter
but the results are worth it.  And it feels really good to be in
control.  Best of luck and let know how things go.  Gena