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Re: [IP] transitioning to a pump

Ravi started his pump today!  At 12:12 PM CDT Ravi became an official
pumper!  He started off the day high so the pump had to play catch up
before it could just be normal.  He has had one low tonight before bed. 
Naturally, what better time!  I am going to check him again before I go
to bed to make sure he responded to the treatment for the low.  Then I
will check him at 3 AM.  We have a lot to learn but Ravi has caught on
quite quickly to the bolus and all of that.  I knew he would.  He hasn't
let any of this slow him down.  He came home from an all day training
session with our CDE and immediately went outside to play baseball with
his brother for 2 hours.

Ravi was just told not to take his N this morning.  Your doctor should
give each individual instructions.  Everyone is different.

Good luck to all those scheduled to go on the pump in the near future. 
And to those who are still thinking about it....What are you waiting for?
 Does a normal lifestyle mean anything to you?  I am so thankful that we
are no longer a slave to the clock!