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Re: [IP] transitioning to a pump

Hi Ernie,
I know just how you feel. I am having my MM507 "installed" on Nov. 11th at
8:30 am. I was told by my CDE not to take my N in the AM on that
day......just the R. Od course having it "installed" in the AM, makes this
possible. You don't want any residual N floating around in your body with the

I am not going to be admitted to the hosp. I just go into the doc's office. I
was advised to check my Bg's every 2 hours at first. (I don't know how long I
will have to do this.)

I, too, was watching the video. It was mighty confusing to me. That is,
getting the right screen up. I found that the correct screen disappeared
before I could follow the directions on the video. It was most frusting. One
of these days I'm sure it will be so easy and I'll wonder why I had gotten so

Good luck on the 30th.