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Re: [IP] transitioning to a pump

Reply to ernie garcia<email @ redacted
>From email @ redacted

In response to "How do people wear, sleep, shower etc" the answer is
It's easier than you think! The Minimed is basically clipped to your pants or
belt and you can just stuff the tubing down your pant leg. (don't laugh...it
works) To sleep I just put it under my pillow. I haven't lost it yet! I use a
quick release tubing connector so when I shower I just disconnect it. The
water does not make the tape come undone. The Minimed infusion sets come with
tape to secure the site but the "kit" only came with two pieces of the tape
that secures the safety loop (you'll learn what that is during "installation"
so my mom went to a pharmaceutical supply house and ordered a box of Kendall
Polyskin II transparent dressing and they work real well. 
I use Humalog too and when I first got the pump my pump trainer told me to
not take my "N" dose the night before. The start-up transition was easy (once
I got over the fear of the unknown!). If you are at all like me...you are
going to love the pump. 
You still use a sliding scale when you eat. I count the carbs that I eat plus
add units if my BS is not where I want it to be. Since I went on the pump my
BS which used to average (choke) in the 400's now averages 80-120 (whoopee!)
The best part of all is that you no longer have to hide under the table or be
embarrassed when it is time to take your shot. Now I just press some buttons
and its done. The only hard part was explaining to my friends why I was
wearing a "pager" (I'm 12 years old). 
Rough housing with your brothers, friends, etc. can cause trouble if you are
not careful. My mom ordered me a sportguard and I'm looking forward to being
able to swim without "disconnecting" my cyborg pieces. There is a big
difference between Humalog and R. Humalog acts ALOT faster! 
The only trouble I had in the beginning was being too low in the morning but
after we adjusted the nightime basal rate everything worked out great. I had
to get up at 3 in the morning for a week to test but toward the end I didn't
even wake up when my mom came in. She just poked my finger and laughed when I
started mumbling in my sleep. (My mom is helping me write this). 
If there is anything I would have done differently, my mom says "Do it
sooner". The pump has made a tremendous difference in my life!
My pump trainer worked with me for three hours before she let me loose on my
own. We had a few questions the first week, but we just called and got simple
I was nervous too, but I say GO FOR IT! It's worth it.          Sam