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Re: [IP] What if pump falls down?

I'm usually a fairly careful person with expensive pieces of equipment,
but for some reason my pump just seems to call out for abuse.  I've
dropped it several times, with no apparent damage.  And yes, sometimes
it has been attached and has dangled a bit.  It probably looks much
worse than it feels.  And not that I'm a klutz or anything, but one
morning just after changing the infusion set, and before being fully
dressed, I managed to snag the tubing on a door knob and yank out the
set.  The surprise of the event and that tape pulling away were what
hurt the most.  I guess from my point of view, the pump is a sturdy
piece of equipment and will tolerate a certian amount of abuse.  And at
least for me a little tugging in the infusion set (or even having the
thing yanked out) doesn't bother me near enough to consider giving up my


email @ redacted wrote:
> Someone who was considering a pump wanted to know what happens if pump falls
> down. I think she had it fall down on a parking lot without being ataced to
> it.
> What do you all do in that situation?  I have an extra loop where i put tape
> over it. So if my pump falls down wich it does almost every morning. lol
> The neadle is safe. Just pulles on my loop and no preasure goes on the
> neadle. Thanks and good pumping all of you.
> Sandy