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Re: [IP] transitioning to a pump


Hi!  You certainly have many questions, and that is completely normal.  I
have been on the MiniMed 507 since May 1997.  I love the pump.  I use only
Humalog with the pump.  Yes it works much more quickly than R.  You will
still feel your highs and lows as before.  I didn't have any second thoughts
before going on the pump.  My doctor puts his patients into the hospital to
start pump therapy.  For me that worked out great.  I had a lot of training
and all my initial questions were answered immediately.  I had to check my bg
every 2 hours, 24 hours a day, for 3 days, while in the hospital.  I let the
nurses do this for me and the break from testing myself was very nice, lol.
 As for where I wear my pump.  Mostly I wear the pump on the waist band of my
pants/shorts.  I usually hook the pump to my P.J.'s or underware at night
while sleeping.  The pump never gets in my way or bothers me.  I hope this
isn't offensive, but I know some people are shy about asking what they do
with the pump for intimate moments.  This also isn't any trouble.  My husband
was more apprehensive in regards to this than I was.  The quick release is
great in this regard.  You will find that the pump just becomes a part of
you.  It is just as much a part of me as my arm or leg would be.  As for the
question of taking your morning insulin, please check with your endo on that
one.  I wasn't to take my morning insulin when I checked into the hospital
but then again I was in at 7 a.m.  1:00 seems like too long to go without.
 Just check.  I hope this answers some of your questions.  Good luck to you,
I know you will love pumping insulin.  Take care.