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Re: [IP] transitioning to a pump


I have only been pumping since June so, I am no expert.  But, the questions
you have will all fall into place.  The first about how we wear, sleep, etc
with it.  I think everyone is different.  It is whatever makes you most
comfortable.  Personally, 90% of the time, I use the spring clip and clip it
to something (Pants pocket, shirt pocket etc.)  

As for what you should do the day of your "installation", I would imagine
each doctor is different also.  Mine told me to not take any long acting
insulin with breakfast just R.  Then after we got the training over and done
with we checked my blood.  It was high.  So, he told me how much to bolus for
the high.  You already know how to do that.  At the time we were not sure of
my ratios.  He also started me out with a ratio that would probably be a
little high for me.  Then we worked my blood sugars down from there.  It does
take a few days to get your ratios together.  But, once you do, it is smooth
sailing!!!  I would ask you doctor what they plan to have you do.  

As for things to look out for, I don't really have any right now.  The only
problem I had when I started was that I had a hard time inserting the
infusion set.  So, the first time I did it unattended it got kinked under my
skin.  I was not getting any insulin at all.  So, I change the infusion set
and everything was fine.  You probably will be using a soft serter.  That
makes things much easier.  I didn't have that when I started.  

I also started with R and soon changed to H.  When I did change over to H I
did have a few lows because I was giving myself H and R was still kicking in.
 But, with close watching, you should be fine.  The key to all of this is
checking your BG's.  You may need to check all the time in the beginning.
 But, you will get the hang of it.  

About being checked into the hospital, I was having alot of problems.  I
personally do not get any warning when my blood sugar is low.  So, I had been
going up and down.  I would have preferred to be in the hospital.  I was
afraid of the transition and having lows.  But, my doctor doesn't do that.
 He works solely by telephone calls.  But, it wasn't bad at all.  Everyone
warned me that in the beginning it is going to be difficult adjusting the
basal and bolus rates.  But, it was not as difficult as I thought it would

I also got nervous the day I got mine "installed".  I was worried about the
transition and being conected the rest of my life.  But, it is better then
you could imagine.  My quality of life is the best it has been in 15 years.
 The only thing I would have done differently is that I wouldn't have waited
so long.  I always thought it would be a beardon.  It is not at all.  It is
much better then injections.  I would never go back.

I hope I helped with your questions.  After you get it together you will
probably have more.  They will be more technical questions.  I suggest you
get a copy of the book Pumping Insulin.  It is like the bible of pumping.

Best of Luck to you.


P.S.  Hi everyone!!!!  Hope everyone else is doing well.