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[IP] transitioning to a pump

From:          ernie garcia <email @ redacted>
This may be a little premature, but here goes.

I'm finally getting my Minimed 507 "installed"  on Oct. 30.

I've had the pump for a couple of weeks, but coordinating the rep, the
CDE, and the doc took some time. I've been watching the video, reading
the manual, pretending to "wear" the pump without it being set up--no
infusion set, tubes, insulin, or needle. Even dropped it in the
parking lot once! Not sure what it would have done if I had an
infusion set attached. Would it have ripped out of my stomach? Would
it have bounced back? Broken the tubing? Just yo-yo'd for a while?
I'll be using 42" QR Soft-sets.

How DO people wear, sleep, shower, live,  with these things?!

Also my doc tells me that all his pump patients use Humalog only. 

I am currently on the following multiple insulin regimen:
8R before breakfast, 6R before lunch (I was going low at ~5PM with
8R), 8R before dinner, and 17N before bedtime. (I was on 15N, but my
BG's before breakfast & Lunch were in the 200-250s for a couple of
weeks). These changes have all been made with my docs consent. I fax
him the numbers, and his CDE calls me & gives me the changes.

I also use a sliding scale for all those R's--basically 1 Unit R for
every increase of 50 in my BG starting at 200). Only 17N before
bedtime, No R, or sliding scale.

I am using Human insulin (Novolin R, and Novolin N) by penfill
cartridges, with two Novolin 1.5 Insulin pens. (BTW, I credit these
pens for motivating me to do these multiple injections. Using
syringes, I shied away from "shooting up" in public. These things are
so easy, & inconspicuous, that I wasn't self-conscious at all about
injecting (& testing) in public. It still amazes me how people won't
even notice this in restaurants, etc.)

Now to my Questions:

My appointment to "install" my pump is on Oct 30 at 1pm.

(This really cracks me up, as a  tech specialist in the computer area,
I think of it as having my insulin port enabled. I wish this thing
would work with tcp/ip protocols, & maybe a mouse. Then I could just
use my web brower to adjust my pump! ;)

Should I take my normal 8R plus sliding R before breakfast, and 6 R
before lunch?  Do I have to "flush" out the residual R (& N) before I
go on Humalog? How do I do that?

I've been reading about Humalog, and am cognizant of the much-quicker
response, I think. Will I be able to tell a difference? I'm almost
used to being able to tell if I'm low or high now.

What do I have to watch out for as I first go on the pump? Someone
mentioned about checking into the hospital before this is done. Is
that recommended?  How about testing? How often? I test routinely 5
times a day now. And more when I feel "funny"? (Which I usually
interpret as being low). I don't wake up with night sweats, and BG's
of 50 at 3am anymore, thank God.

To All those who've gone before on this. Is there anything you would
have done differently if you could do it all over again? I can't think
of any more questions. Or perhaps there are too many to ask right now.
What questions should I ask at this "install"? Does someone have a
first-pump checklist, or something?

I've been waiting for this for so long--about two years since I
started thinking about it--I'm starting to feel really nervous about
it. Anyone else had second thoughts about this just before "install"?

ernie garcia
email @ redacted

Michael <email @ redacted>