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[IP] NON-DM (sort of) Montreat 97

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>Subject: NON-DM (sort of) Montreat 97
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>Hi everyone,
>Joni's post about not getting to meet people in person put a bug in my ear
>to call Montreat and check on dates for the get-together this year.
>I want to stress right up front that this is an *open* gathering. I think
>there's been some feeling in the past that it's only for people who've been
>before, Type Is, etc. Not true. All are welcome.
>If you have questions about it, please email me privately so we don't clog
>up "diabetes" with questions about reservations, etc. I'll post periodic
>reminders and announcements.
>A quick description: In October of '93, several email @ redacted members met
>up in  Asheville, NC. It started out as a meeting of "Southeastern" DMers,
>but quickly went national, even international. :-) We've met every year
>since, each year adding new members and sometimes missing some former
>attendees. In '94 we moved the gathering to Montreat, a Presbyterian
>conference center, because it was much easier to simply take all our meals
>there (you should have seen us the first year, invading restaurants and
>whipping out our meters, pens, and pumps.)
>This year's dates are Nov. 7-9 (Natalie, you'll be happy about that!)
>Apparently, if we have enough people, Montreat will let us stay Sunday
>night as well (Nov. 10, Veteran's Day), so please let me know if you're
>interested in doing that.
>We'll be staying in the Windsborough, as we did last year. We have to walk
>over to the Assembley Inn for our meals (very short walk past the lake),
>but last year we had the Windsborough's downstairs living room all to
>ourselves (with a huge roaring fire!)
>We don't have planned events, (except maybe a trip to the ice cream parlor
>in Black Mountain) we just hang out and get to know each other or
>re-acquaint ourselves. I've never heard of anyone having a bad time. Of
>course, maybe no one's wanted to hurt my feelings. :-)
>If you're interested, you can call Montreat (wait until Monday!) at
>1-800/572-2257, ext. 313. That's Betty Jo Pressley's number (she has DM
>too) and she can take care of your reservation.
>Let me know if you have any questions!
>(Type I, 22 years, D. pumper since 10/95)
>email @ redacted
>Either we have hope within us or don't:
>it is a dimension of the soul ...
>Hope in this deep and powerful sense is ..
>an ability to work for something because it is good,
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