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[IP] Problems getting supplies from Dise

Hi you all.  
Havent postet in a while but I read that 1 girl couldn`t get batteries over
the weekend. I have never had [problems getting supplies not even a second
pump when my B pump broke down they had me a pump in 24 hours. Maybe she was
calling the wrong number. I would check on that. And file a complaint about
that. Because it is not ok. They have to be there 24 hours even on sundays.
Oh and to the batterie thing.  I love that idea. Havent thought of that. But I
will sertenly try to do that. 
Today is my first day trying the tender. Is pretty good for me because some of
you know I am not into trying new stuff. 
But anyway.  Good Pumping you all.
Hugs Sandy
Diab for 14 years  Pumping for 3 years on Dise