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Re: [IP]plastic cartridges


At 12:07 AM 10/21/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Peter---you are a virtual encyclopedia of tidbits!  I'm glad you enjoy your
>job!  That is a great story about the batteries.  I know a gal who had to go
>off the Diset. pump for a couple of days when she found out her extra
>batteries were dead and it was a weekend and she could not get any from the
>company!  She'll love that story.  But, tell me, how difficult is it to
>change those batteries in the Dise holder?  Is it like changing a watch
>battery, when all the little gizmos fly in all directiions when you open it
>up?  Luckily I have excellent insurance now but things do change so I will
>keep a copy of your  tips.  Last time I checked those Diset. batteries were
>$10 each.  I don't have to pay that, but I like to save anyway if I can.  

It's really easy to change the batteries inside the disetronic package.
When I got my pump in 1994, I got 10 batteries...Still using the packages -
One of these days I probably should get some more (If the O-ring gets old
it can crack or break and the pump will not be waterproof)...

I have modified my D battery packages by cutting off the "nubs" that hold
the top plastic piece to the steel cage. To change the batteries all I need
to do is turn the package upside down and tap out the retainer, metal
spacer and both batteries.

For those of you who have the means to check the battery voltage, usually
one of the 357 cells goes first and the second one still has some life in it.


Jim_S (JWS)                          (type I, pump since 08/94, dx 10/09/65)
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