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Re: [IP] no delivery alarm

I have always heard my pump alarm when the pump is completely empty - but
when I get down to the last unit or two in the syringe there is a chance that
there may be an air bubble or two (empty space). (I am not one of those
"anal" people who doesn't stop priming until the last bubble is gone. I
usually just prepare quickly!) So sometimes, if I let my pump "run dry" - I
may have have a slightly elevated BG. How did you finally notice that you
needed to change if there was no alarm?
Incidentally - I finally got my Sof-serter this week (after waiting several
months!). I LOVE it! I have used it twice so far - and I don't know how I
ever survived without it!  It has worked beautifully both times! 
And a warm "welcome" to all the new members! I've been  "lurking" (for the
most part) for the past month and a half or so - but wanted to let you all
know that I'm still here! Hi Glenn!