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Re: [IP] no delivery alarm

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi,
> I am wondering if anyone has ever run out of insulin and not had the alarm go
> off.  This happened to me yesterday and I noticed today when I changed the
> site.  No wonder I was high.  I am not sure what went wrong.  Any replies are
> appreciated.  Thanks, by the way no more problems with catheter going in
> crooked.
> Denise
> MiniMed 507
Hello, and so sorry to hear your sugars have been high.  Bet you felt 
rotten.  I have a 507 and have never had such a problem.  Wondering if
you checked the pump and tubing for problems when bs were high
yesterday.  If I were you I'd call MiniMed and let them know.  I've
never heard of anyone else ever having that to happen the company should
be aware of it.