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Re: [IP] Re: Internal Monitor

Hi Rose:
     Since I never seem to "catch" one of you guys "on-line" lately, thought
I'd use this opportunity to say "hi" & wish you well next week. Tell Ravi to
be patient - it DOES take time to get used to the pump. I assume you already
have the video; but if you also have the pump itself, I'd advise watching the
video a few times with the pump literally "in hand."
     After doing that, by the time Melissa got to the hospital for her
training session, she was already totally familiar with the operation of the
pump & breezed through that part of the training.
     Also, if no one already suggested it, there are 2 workbook-sized manuals
that are worth purchasing: PUMPING INSULIN and the INSULIN PUMP THERAPY
books.  I found that prior to getting those books, whenever I had a question
or problem, there was no "Bible" to turn to, like I used to when she was on
shots & I had all those general diabetes reference books.
     Looking forward to hearing from you soon...Good