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Re: [IP] Internal Pump

On Wed, 15 Oct 1997 email @ redacted wrote:
> non-invasive glucose monitoring system.  The way it was described it sounded
> like it attached to you all of the time and very similar to an insulin pump.
>  This person seemed to think that it would have settings in which each person
> can set a high and low blood sugar.  This monitor would be reading your sugar
> constantly.  Then an alarm would sound if your BG got below or above the

I have heard that minimed is working on a combination pump/moniter but 
that it is still in the lab and is only experimental i.e. not for 
people.  There are lots of technical problems to overcome for this kind 
of gadget.  The non-invasive meters that are for real come in several 
flavors.  There is a toaster size one that measures through tissue 
(finger or nail) and must be tuned for each user.  There is another that 
sort of sucks some body fluid through the skin (about 30 to 60 seconds) 
and is just pushed against the skin to get a reading.  This one is about 
the size of a conventional bg meter now. I believe there is 
another technology but I can't remember what I read or when.  Anyway, the 
the first one (toaster) is bodaciously expensive, I've heard 5k, and 
probably not practical for the average user.  The second is the one that 
is expected to hit the market (out of the US) in a few months to a year.  
The report I heard suggested that it is about as accurate as current 
meters, maybe 10% additional variation in readings.  

Caveat -- this is all hearsay.  I don't have any hard documents I can 
refer to - it is just what I have picked up in conversation.