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[IP] Internal Pump

Hi all,

It is unbelievable how many members we have gained.  I am sure all of you
will enjoy as much as I do.  

David - Thank you so much for the information.  I visited the MiniMed site
and read more about the internal pump.  I am not sure I am ready for that.
 Right now I am extremely happy to have the pump that I do.  (MiniMed 507)

Michael - Thank you also for the information.  That is something I am ready
for.  I overheard someone at that pump support group dinner speaking of a
non-invasive glucose monitoring system.  The way it was described it sounded
like it attached to you all of the time and very similar to an insulin pump.
 This person seemed to think that it would have settings in which each person
can set a high and low blood sugar.  This monitor would be reading your sugar
constantly.  Then an alarm would sound if your BG got below or above the
settings.  This to me sounds like the best thing that could ever happen to us
diabetics.  Michael, I am sure you would be just as happy as us.  If this
monitor is possible, then I would think soon the two products would be put
together.  Then, after programing, the actual diabetic will no longer have to
do much work.  

Does anyone know anything about this?  Or, could this possible be just
something that this person was hoping for???  I suppose that this would work
similar to the Glucowatch?  I heard about this from a friend.  Are they
effective?  Can they really read the glucose level in your sweat????

Well, thank you agin.  As always, I learn something new everyday with this
group!  Hope everyone is well.  Happy INSULIN pumping!!!!!