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Wed Oct 15 13:30:56 1997
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I must not have had the cartridge in the 
softserter correctly. It is not doing that now. I have used it two or 
three times since it bent the needle. When I use it now, the area seems 
much better than when I manually inserted the set.
David, the podiatrist I see has an internal pump. He came and gave a talk 
at our local ada support group. The internal pump sounded great until he 
said a couple of things. That was a couple of years ago. I wonder if what 
I remeber is correct or if the pump is different now. I had thougt he had 
said there were only two basal rate settings. He also has a slight bump 
where it is under his skin. He is a very slender man. He too likes the 
pump. It would make a marvelous closed system if they can get meter to go 
with it. Thanks to you who are trying to find us help. Has the insulin 
you use been approved here yet? How do you get the insulin if it is only 
available in Germany? I am still fascinated at the prospect of having a 
closed wystem available some day.
Welcome to all the new people, you are joining faster than I can learn 
names! I have learned a lot from this group and anyone considering a pump 
should really enjoy this group. Good health to all, Roz