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Re: [IP] Internal Pump - oops ..

At 07:42 PM 10/14/97 -0400, I wrote:
>What happens when you forget to bring along the external device for
>programming the pump? I know this may sound a bit foolish, but with the
>external pump, I never forget the "remote control". I can always program my
>pump, because the "controls" are built into the pump itself. For the
>external pump, are there any backup systems in case the programming device
>is either not available or non functional? I am still fascinated by this
>technology - any additional info you care to share is welcome.

Ooops ... Always check to make sure the brain is engaged before hitting the
"send" key ;-)
I was referring to backup systems for the *internal* pump. I hope I am the
only one who I confused with this question ...

Bob Burnett

Type 1, 42+ years, pumper

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