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Re: [IP] Internal Pump

At 06:24 PM 10/14/97 -0400, David wrote:
>Becky, et. al who are interested in the pump:
>    Well the Insulin is experimental as well as the pump, the insulin
>is  U-400 based and developed in Germany.  They have had their good
>batches of supplies and also their bad ones.  The supply will last
>normally 3 months, and you would go to the Doctor for a simple refill
>procedure.  I have attached a web site from MinMed that shows a lot of
>detail about the pump and a picture of what it looks like.  I haven't
>read the whole article so I do not know if I will repeat what they will
>tell you.  Personally I love the internal pump, it delivers the insulin
>at the peritoneal (the same as your pancreas) so it's a more natural


What happens when you forget to bring along the external device for
programming the pump? I know this may sound a bit foolish, but with the
external pump, I never forget the "remote control". I can always program my
pump, because the "controls" are built into the pump itself. For the
external pump, are there any backup systems in case the programming device
is either not available or non functional? I am still fascinated by this
technology - any additional info you care to share is welcome.

Bob Burnett

Type 1, 42+ years, pumper

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