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Re: [IP] Internal Pump

Becky, et. al who are interested in the pump:

    Well the Insulin is experimental as well as the pump, the insulin
is  U-400 based and developed in Germany.  They have had their good
batches of supplies and also their bad ones.  The supply will last
normally 3 months, and you would go to the Doctor for a simple refill
procedure.  I have attached a web site from MinMed that shows a lot of
detail about the pump and a picture of what it looks like.  I haven't
read the whole article so I do not know if I will repeat what they will
tell you.  Personally I love the internal pump, it delivers the insulin
at the peritoneal (the same as your pancreas) so it's a more natural

    The refill is really simple, in fact I have been in the study for so
long that if they would ever let me I could probably do it my self.  In
the picture of the pump (the MiniMed web site) you can see there is a
small port in the middle.  That is where it is refilled with a special
needle.  The tube you see coming out of the side is where the insulin is
delivered to your body.  The pump is placed between your skin and muscle
wall, and a small incision is placed in the muscle for the tube.  The
surgery is simple and you only have to be there for a day or two.

   The first time I had ever had the pump I went to Ocean City, MD. for
vacation.  I enjoy eating fudge, so I put the pump to the test.  My
blood sugar was 79 before eating a 1/4 lb and 75 after.  Liberated at
last.... : )

    So all in all I would say I definitely like an internal pump best,
but if it would never become available to the public, I would not
hesitate to purchase an external one.


P.S. - I did hear that an organization (can't remember the name) has released a
type of glucose monitoring device which reads through your fingernail using a
light source.  However, I am not sure of the accuracy nor would I personally use
something to where I could not store the information for tracking purposes.
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Original Pumper No. 05

email @ redacted wrote:

> David,
> I too would like to know more about the internal pump.  Please post anything
> you can tell us here with Pumpers Ink.  This way we can all get the first
> hand experience.  I also heard that MiniMed is working on a glucose monitor
> that doesn't have to break the skin.  Do you know anything about that?
> Please let us know.
> Becky

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R. David Green
Anikka L. Green