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Re: [IP] Internal Pump

> I too would like to know more about the internal pump.  Please post anything
> you can tell us here with Pumpers Ink.  This way we can all get the first
> hand experience.  I also heard that MiniMed is working on a glucose monitor
> that doesn't have to break the skin.  Do you know anything about that?
> Please let us know.
Hmmm.... I know a little about the non-invasive moniter.
According to Dr. Prendergast at our last meeting in Sept.
There are three in clinical trials (I believe) and at least one is 
expected to be available out of the US within 6 months.  He didn't 
think the FDA would act anytime soon to allow them to be purchased in 
the the US.  But.... there is nothing to stop us from purchasing them 
...say in Mexico or Europe and using them to our hearts content.


Michael <email @ redacted>