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Re: [IP] Changing tubing/res. w/Humalog

I do the same as you do with my Disetronic pump using Humalog and Comfort
(Tender) sets exclusively.  I change the cannula every three days and the
tubing only when I start a new cartridge of Humalog (about 10 days for me.)
 I have used this method for over 6 weeks and have had no problems.  I have
been using H in my pump for over a year and used to change the tubing every
other cannula change. I have not noticed any difference in my BGs since
switching to limiting the tubing change to the cartridge change times.  I
also phoned Chronimed, from whom I buy my Comfort sets to ask why the
cannuals are not offered except with tubing, or in packs with equal numbers
with and without tubing, and was told that they had had many requests for
separate cannulas but had no plans to change how they are packaged and sold.
 I have never had my H go "bad" or had any occlusions in the line.  I have
been pumping for nearly two years. When I switched from pumping R to pumping
H I found that my cannula sites (pump bumps) cleared up more quickly and that
my insulin absorption was more even.  But then, I did decide that I would not
try to make a cannual last more than 72 hours since the absorption rate after
that was not predictible.
Mary Tobin, McLean, VA