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Re: [IP] 50% humalog/50% velosulin

At 02:29 PM 10/10/97 -0400, (CamelsRFun) you wrote:
>Subj:	Profile of Jim Sandberg < email @ redacted >
>Date:	97-10-10 04:06:18 EDT
>This is a fascinating combination to me.  Can you explain how you arrived
>at it, and how you predict basal rates/bolus ratios?  I understand that with
>Humalog you have to change the cartridge and tubing more often.  With >the
velosulin is this also true?

I was unwilling to change the site as often as I needed to with just H.
With both R & H, I had problems with clogging in the Comfort/Tender
infusion sets.

The mix was actually not scientific at all.  Needed the buffering so I
could use the Tenders.  It's very easy to mix up a 50/50 mixture of H/V in
an empty insulin bottle - simply load an equal number of syringes and empty
into the bottle.

When I was using just H, I didn't notice any need to change the cartridge
or tubing more often.  The problem (at least for me) seemed to be the site
itself.  I could use the H that had been in the pump with a syringe and it
worked fine.

When injecting H, I also noticed that the skin around the injection site
seemed tougher than when I was using R.  I really think the H reacts with
the tissue of the infusion site and reduces absorption...

Jim_S (JWS)                          (type I, pump since 08/94, dx 10/09/65)
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